First blog post

Hello everyone out there!

This is my first blog, ever. I have mixed feelings about blogging but will certainly try to make the best of it. Use it for my personal development and learning in the course, ONL162.

I have worked at the Karolinska Institute in physiotherapy program for over 10 years. My absolute interest is the clinical education that our students receive through the program. Reconciling the academy with the clinical to get good colleagues is very satisfying but also a major challenge. I experience that there is an “us and them” between the clinic and the university. I think the important thing is that we realize that we have a joint mission because students (colleagues in the future) is something we all need. Students are important for the development of clinical units and a way to stay current in their field but also a base for recruitment.

Have we succeeded, we have students who question and makes us think about why we do things in a certain way. My own conviction is that it will make collaborating between the university and the clinical teacher and student easier. This when the student actually are in a clinical setting. So this is not an option this is something I have to learn and something I should be using in the future. I really look forward to travel the road of learning digital tools. And hopefully it will make the mountain become a hill.


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